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PaceSavers are manufactured by Leisure-Lift of Kansas City, Kansas. Leisure-Lift and its parent company, Burke Inc. have been in the business of manufacturing health care equipment for over 30 years. We were one of the early leaders in the homecare market and introduced some of the first products designed to keep people mobile, active and independent. Located in a large plant in Kansas City, we operate on the principle that our customers are the most important people in the world. Most of our employees have been with us for years (some as long as 25) and we all take pride in what we do.

In the early 1980's Leisure-Lift introduced the PaceSaver, the first true Indoor-Outdoor scooter designed to travel anywhere the user went. It's unique patented separation and dependable design quickly established the original PaceSaver as a leader in the scooter field. Within a few years the market was flooded with "look-alike" imitators attempting to capture some of the market created by the PaceSaver. Some still remain, but many have fallen by the wayside.

Since that time the PaceSaver has gone through many stages of improvement and refinement, yet it still holds true to the strengths of the original PaceSaver: strength, durability and longevity. Today some of the original PaceSavers are still in existence, many 10 years or older, far outlasting the competitions pretty, yet fragile, foreign imitations. We continue our long history of innovation to the mobility field with our newest model of Bariatric and Rehab. equipment designed to provide transportation for all of your customers.  We also pride ourselves on individual, custom enhancements made to order, to ensure your customers scooter or PWC experience is always a safe and comfortable one.

Before you decide to represent any scooter or power wheelchair, you owe it to yourself to check out the full PaceSaver line. With all of the models and options we make available, we have something for every user's individual need.

And if possible, stop someone you see on a PaceSaver.
Our customers are our best sales people!